Monthly Archives: April 2010

Conan’s Found a Home

Well, I must say I’m disappointed to see him arrive at TBS, but glad to see he’s found a home! Conan O’Brien is set to debut on TBS, bumping George Lopez to midnight (supposedly with no ill-feeling from Mr. Lopez… … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Still working my way through the backlog…  But I’m back down to under 250!  :-) As Cameron says, “Now this is a reading experience only iPad (currently) could deliver.” Be sure to watch the video… Awesome… Anyone get a little … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Not sure that I’ve ever encountered an Inspection in Firebug that I felt wasn’t accurate, but Brothercake has an Inspector that he claims is better. Okay. Debugging and Closures and Modules, oh my! I love to trip across something that … Continue reading

Browser Wars, The Sequel (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love HTML)

Imagine if you will… The meeting is over, you have your new design that needs to be built, and now you sit at your whiteboard to plan your strategy. First, we need an HTML version for the Web.  That’s easy. … Continue reading