Hello world!

September 10th, 2011

Based on the HTML5 Boilerplate created by Paul Irish and Divya Manian,
this allows for easy inclusion/removal of all HTML5 Boilerplate options.

Standing on the foreheads of giants (namely Paul Irish, Divya Manian and the good folks that have helped them create and continue the growth of HTML5 Boilerplate), I present to you my first WordPress plug-in, HTML5 Boilerplate.

As a spin-off of my Boilerplate – Starkers WP Theme, this plug-in can be added to any theme, new, pre-existing, already customized, whatevs!

So what does the HTML5 Boilerplate plug-in let me change?  Glad you asked…

  • Use HTML5 doctype?
  • Add IE Conditional Tags in <head>?
  • Move XFN profile from <head> to <link> inside <head>?
  • Use HTML5 Character-Encoding <meta> Tag?
  • Kill IE6 Image Toolbar?
  • Force IE-edge / Google Chrome?
  • Add Google Verification code?
  • Force iThings to Use Full Zoom?
  • Add Favicon?
  • Add iThing Favicon?
  • Add IE-only CSS file?
  • Add Modernizr JS?
  • Add Respond JS?
  • Add jQuery JS?
  • Which jQuery version?
  • Put jQuery in <head> or at end of <body>?
  • Add jQuery Plug-ins JS?
  • Add Site-specific JS?
  • Add Google Analytics?
  • Use HTML5 Search type <input type="search" />?
  • Add Search placeholder Text?
  • Add Cache Buster to CSS & JS Files?

I purposefully used the classic Kubrick so you can View Source and see the “raw power” of the HTML5 Boilerplate plug-in…

Or, here are a couple screenshots for you:

  1. Admin Screen
  2. View Source of Kubrick Theme before HTML5 Boilerplate
  3. View Source of Kubrick Theme after HTML5 Boilerplate

And installation is pretty standard…

  1. Download the ZIP
  2. Unzip the ZIP
  3. Copy/paste the unzipped files into your WP plug-in directory (`/wp-content/plugins/`)
  4. From within WP’s Plugin Admin panel, Activate the HTML5 Boilerplate plug-in
  5. In the left-nav, within the Settings menu, you should now have an HTML5 Boilerplate link
  6. Click the link to view the HTML5 Boilerplate Admin panel
  7. Check and un-check options to add and remove stuff from your site!

You can also check-out the readme.txt for all the deets

Please let me know if you have any questions/suggestions/thoughts,


WordPress HTML5 Boilerplate Plugin now updated to version 5.0

March 14th, 2015

Available for your pulling or downloading pleasure on Github:
Or kick-it old-school and download from the WordPress Repository:
Or just Update from within your site’s Plugins page…

This update brings this plugin up-to-date with HTML5 Boilerplate again. You can read all the changes in the Change Log section of the README.txt file.

It’s been a long time, my apologies for the delay…

I’ve also updated the corresponding WP HTML5 Boilerplate theme:

Happy WordPressing,

Version 4.1 is Now Live in the WordPress Plug-in Repository

November 15th, 2012

Version 4.1 is a minor bug fix involving the html5shim.js. The bug would have effected any IE<9 users.

IE<9 doesn’t deal with HTML5 elements natively, so HTML5 Boilerplate adds the HTML5 Shim. This file is served via Google Code to 1) take advantage of possible browser caching from previous downloads, and 2) take advantage of CDN delivery.

I wanted a fallback to Google Code’s version of the shim, just in case something happened to it, so I added an onload attribute that planted a global variable, that I then checked against and, if not present, added the plug-in’s version of the file.

However, I recently found out that my variable/detection method was not working, so IE<9 users were getting both versions of the shim… DOH!

Now, instead of using an onload attribute and planting a global variable, I simply check for the global variable html5 that the shim already creates… So if it doesn’t exist, I add the plug-in’s version…

HTML5 Boilerplate WordPress Plug-in Update

September 29th, 2012

Finally, I made the time to update this plug-in to version 4.0!

Currently updatable from your WP Admin and available via the WP Repository:

Thanks to all who made such great recommendations for improvements!


Versions 3.4.1 and 3.4.2, in Quick Succession

March 14th, 2012

Version 3.4.1 fixed an issue with URL structure of JS and CSS files and 3.4.2 corrected an issue regarding name-spacing; namely, I wasn’t and it was needed.

So, enjoy.


Plug-in Update

February 25th, 2012


I know, but here it finally is:

Has all the latest goodness from HTML5 Boilerplate, plus an update to fix a Bug that WP 3.3 introduced when they changed the order in which hooks were fired.

All-in-all, should be good-to-go!