Picture of Aaron T. Grogg Hi, I'm Aaron, and because I love playing with the web, I've created my very own lab section, complete with links to a bunch of things I've tried, successfully or not. I try to push to GitHub where I can, but if you see something that you have a question about, you're more than welcome to reach out and I will try to provide answers.


abbr on touch devices

The abbr element is extremely useful for readability (who wants to read "Cascading Style Sheets" when they could just read "CSS"?) and provides semantic, meta information about an abbreviation. But natively abbr relies on a :hover state, and :hover states do not work well on touch devices. So I decided to try to find a way to make abbr a little more accessible on touch devices.

Service Worker

The Service Worker API promises to bring as much as excitement to the web as Ajax did years ago. Beginning with being able to offer offline cachability & thus functionality, it also offers performance boosts by leveraging that same cache when a device isem> online, and much more to come! In this section I will be working my way through several online tutorials as I learn the API myself, then I will be adding my own demoes.