Picture of Aaron T. Grogg Hi, I’m Aaron, and I've been working with the web since 1998. I have a proven track record of clean, efficient, dependable products. I have an addiction to "what's new" in web technology (key focus on front-end development) and finding better ways to do something, and am highly proficient in researching, testing, implementing, mentoring, and serving as a technology advocate.

Skills & Abilities

I start with carefully-crafted, mobile-first and adaptive HTML, add CSS and JavaScript as needed, including jQuery, Ajax and JSON. I'm also proficient with PHP and MySQL, usually for WordPress. I use Git, Grunt, and LESS daily.

My focus is on user experience and performance at all times, trying to strike that perfect balance. I try to make all browsers happy, but I am not afraid to let something look or behave simpler if that makes the experience better.


  1. March 2012 - Present

    Senior Developer

    Netbiscuits, Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany

    With a lab of 1000s of manually-tested devices, Netbiscuits is the global leader in software solutions for adaptive mobile web experiences, providing hand-curated device detection results and unparalleled analytics information.

    • Member of international, Agile team
    • Hand-code standards-based, mobile-first, responsive & adaptive HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    • Lead front-end developer for Analytics Dashboard, utilizing Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, jQuery DatePicker, Highcharts, Highstock, and dynamic SVG charts
    • Lead front-end developer for customer Account Management system, utilizing Thymeleaf framework, Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax, and jQuery Validate
    • Lead developer for company website, built using WordPress, integrating server-side adaptive design and client-side responsive design via a custom theme, third-party plugins and in-house plugins
    • Aggressively focus on cross-device performance, including file optimization, minification, concatenation & caching, custom builds, and device-specific mark-up
    • Utilize Node, Grunt, and LESS for cross-device builds and continuous integration & deployment
    • Coordinate code repos via Git
    • Support legacy proprietary BiscuitML & Tactile frameworks
    • Investigate & resolve cross-device issues
    • Research, test and propose new technologies where applicable
  2. June 2007 - November 2011

    Tech Lead

    Time Inc.,, New York, NY, USA

    As Time, Inc.’s most-visited website (up to 40 million uniques some months), constantly challenged performance.

    • Developed tablet-optimized, responsive design version of website, including dynamic data retrieval, use of in-browser data storage, and multi-section swipability
    • Created second-screen project for 2011 Academy Awards, adding in-synch branded interactivity to the night's events
    • Spear-headed site-wide optimization projects including:
      • Studying and recommending server- and client-side performance optimizations
      • Cleansing of all site CSS files, reducing home page load by 23 objects, 52kb, and 1.3 seconds; these same techniques were then applied site-wide, with consistent, cascading results
      • Rewrite of site JS files, improving speed, reliability and portability
      • Introducing jQuery to global JS, rewriting functionality when file size or function performance could be improved
      • Integration of HTML5 Boilerplate techniques, including customized version of Modernizr and use of CSS3 techniques when possible (and adding reliable fallbacks when not)
    • Numerous HTML, CSS, JS projects, often concurrently, in various stages of completion
    • Numerous JS projects, many of which have been used cross-brand, including:
      • Google Map implementations with custom markers and overlays, driven by multiple JSON feeds
      • Ajax galleries using JSON/P
      • Hot-spot tagging tool
      • Gallery stitching
      • Custom Twitter module
      • More carousels than I care to remember...
      • Converted above Ajax photo gallery JS into iPad in-app browser hot spot, bringing currency to date-specific magazine app
      • Served as departmental mentor & team leader
  3. June 2005 - June 2007

    Web Developer

    Bank of America, Prime Brokerage, New York, NY, USA

    Working for the Prime Brokerage team, providing design, development, hosting, and maintenance for hedge fund clients.

    • Developed conference registration website for Capital Introduction team, improving data tracking and customer relations
    • Developed, maintained, and hosted client websites, including secure sections and fund-specific data
    • Automated monthly performance page updates, saving up to 10 man-hours per month and ensuring data import accuracy
    • Developed dynamic investor statement pages, improving customer client relations
    • Implemented advanced CSS and JavaScript techniques, migrating client sites from table-based to CSS-based layouts and introducing progressive enhancement techniques to the team, improving page load times and reducing site maintenance time
    • Integrated server-side variables to dictate user-based access levels and to trigger page-specific CSS for look and layout control, improving customer client relations
  4. May 2002 - June 2006

    Web & Software Specialist

    National Academies of Science, Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC, USA

    • Developed conference websites, including interactive site for 10,000+ attendee Annual Meeting, improving attendee data availability, staff efficiency and reporting accuracy & turn-around time
    • Converted third-party form-driven registration process into customizable template-based HTML sites and registration process, reducing site stand-up time by nearly 20% and ensuring cross-site consistency
    • Created stand-alone ASP/database-driven online registration process for no-fee conferences, reducing per-conference costs by $500, reducing data-conversion time by 50% and ensuring data accuracy
    • Overhauled and streamlined Annual Meeting VIP invitation and registration process, reducing man-hours by 25%, ensuring data integrity, and reducing VIP frustration by eliminating duplicate contacts
    • Integrated web-based database with MS Office for reporting and distribution of data collected for above-referenced websites


  1. Pace University, New York, NY, USA, 2007

    • Awarded Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Studies within three semesters with a 3.98 GPA while working 40 hours per week at Bank of America.
    • Graduated with Distinction
  2. Montgomery College, Rockville, MD, USA, 2004

    • Awarded two Associates degrees, Information Systems and Web Technologies, simultaneously with 3.84 and 3.89 GPAs, respectively, while working 20-30 hours per week at the National Academies of Science.
    • Member Phi Theta Kappa


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