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WordPress Boilerplate Theme now updated to version 5.0

Available for your pulling or downloading pleasure: This update brings this theme up-to-date with HTML5 Boilerplate again. You can read all the changes in the Change Log section of the README.txt file. It’s been a long time, my apologies … Continue reading

Boilerplate Theme no longer available via the WordPress Repository

Note: My Boilerplate Theme has been removed from the WordPress Repo, but is available from GitHub.

WordPress Boilerplate Theme Version 4.3.2 is now live!

So, it took a few days to push through, but it’s finally live! Thanks to all who have been waiting, please continue to let me know if you find any issues or have any recommendations. Happy WordPressing, Atg

Version 4.3.2 is kind-of-sort-of live…

Well, WordPress has dumbfounded me yet again… I do not know for how much longer I can deal with the WordProcess… Version 4.3.1 never made it live because I accidentally forgot to delete two Git files from the repo before … Continue reading

Update: Version 4.3.1 is on it’s way!

I know it has been a while, and that is partly my fault (busy) and partly some fault of the WordPress repo system… Versions 4.2 and 4.3, for some reason, never made it to the live repo… If you’re in … Continue reading

Latest Update is Finally on it’s Way!

Finally, I made the time to update this theme to version 4.0! The update is still making it’s way through the update process, but should be available soon! Thanks to all who made such great recommendations for improvements! Atg

WordPress Boilerplate: Starkers Theme Update is Live

Version 3.4.4 is now live via the WordPress Repository: Apologies fot the extended delay, first for me to get my butt in gear, and then for a slightly delayed push to Extend, but here it is, all healthy and … Continue reading

Hello world!

Created by Aaron T. Grogg, Boilerplate: Starkers is a WordPress Theme that merges HTML5 Boilerplate into the Starkers theme, providing developers with an ideal, bleeding-edge, clean-start theme. Mark-up is minimal (thanks Elliott) and the most edge-case web technology is baked … Continue reading