Picture of Aaron T. GroggHi. My name is Aaron.

Born just a few miles outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, my family moved to Waianae, Hawaii just after the seventh grade. I then moved to San Francisco, California when I turned 21, spent four years just outside of Washington, DC, a little over six years in New York, New York, and, since December 2011, my wife and I have been living in Hohenecken in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

I’ve worked with the web since 1998 and have a proven track record of clean, efficient, dependable products. I have an addiction to “what’s new” and finding better ways to do something. I’m highly proficient in researching, testing, implementing, mentoring, and serving as a technology advocate.

Starting with clean, compliant, cutting-edge HTML, I add CSS to make it look right, then sprinkle a little JavaScript magic to make it dance.

I hand-code and focus on performance at all times. I always try to make IE happy, but am not afraid to let it look simpler, if that helps performance. JSON is a good friend of mine, we hang out a lot. I also like his friends Closure and OOJS. And when I want to really nerd-out, I spend time with Microformats.

I excel at WordPress and PHP, including custom-fields and -database interaction (check-out my Theme and Plug-ins). I actually enjoy working with designers, back-end developers and third-party vendors. I’m also extremely well-versed in working on multiple projects simultaneously.

My world lately has centered around the mobile web, especially since starting to work for Netbiscuits, where I get to deal with nearly every device known to man. Needless to say, I have encountered my fair share of “challenges”.

I also co-direct a non-profit interactive agency, UX Test Kitchen, providing award-winning agency-level services to other non-profits from around the world, for free. Yes, free.

When I’m not noodling with code, I can usually be found outside, hiking, biking, traveling, and/or just hanging-out and enjoying life with friends and family.

Thanks, and let me know if you have any thoughts or questions,

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