Playing with TinyMCE Advanced Plug-in

Trying a new (to me) WordPress plug-in, TinyMCE Advanced.

TinyMCE Advanced adds a ton of new editor options for WordPress, including:

  • adding a <table> to a post/page,
  • inserting today’s date/time,
  • adding in-page anchor links,
  • blockquotes,
  • adding an <abbr> tag,
  • adding a <cite> tag,
  • adding “valid elements” (so WordPress doesn’t strip tings like <article, <aside>, <section>, etc.),
  • adds an Advanced tab to the Link panel so you can add a CLASS to the link, even inline JavaScript,
  • and much, much more.

The <table> happens to be what I was after initially, and it’s as easy as clicking the “Inserts a new table” icon, filling in the number of rows and columns, specifying any ID of CLASS you wish to add, etc., and clicking Insert.  Here’s my first go:

Column 1 Column 2
1 This is some content, am trying to see if it properly wraps to the next line without crushing the next cell Will see if this one pushes back to make these columns equal width or not.
2 So far, looking pretty good! It is annoying that,when I’m entering content, I cannot tab from one cell to the next, I have to click inside each cell…
3 I don’t have a lot more to say here… But I should be able to use formatting, right, like making this bold and this italic?
4 Wow, the context menu is a really cool feature, it allows me to right click this table, edit all of its attributes, and even add rows/columns!!  Sa-WEET! I wanted to check how the new <abbr> works… Seems to be pretty cool!!  Now, if this bar only had a <code> button, like the HTML tab does…

Not bad, right?  Of course, you can totally style the table any way you want with CSS, and of course this should only be used for tabular data, right?  :-)

I highly recommend you give TinyMCE Advanced a shot, it has helped a lot in more ways than simply inserting tables like I initially needed.

Happy coding,

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