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The first to come after “the big blog move of 2010“.  Been busy, haven’t read a lot lately, so, get something to drink, maybe a snack, this is going to be a long one…

Wouldn’t this be awesome if every public transit system would work on the Transporter?  Now that could be enough to make me want to move back to San Francisco!

Hey, look everybody, Microsoft invented… well, Google Docs… Okay, not exactly, theirs installs an app on your hard-drive where you do most of the work, but then you can choose to save it to the web to share and allow others to edit. Uh-huh. Or, you could just write it there and not have to worry about where it is and all that…

Introducing the mother of all cheat sheets

Everything is the iPad now-days, isn’t it?  Well, this is too: a great way to build functional templates for the iPad, using Keynote.

Okay, just one more iPad thing…  You have to admit, it IS pretty cool…

Until Google Chrome comes out with their own exact (or better) versions of Web Developer and Firebug, I just can’t switch my work browser away from Firefox.  But I have found myself playing with Chrome more and more as my “leisure” browser.  And here is a pretty cool list Chrome of plug-ins that you just might want to play with too!

Like many of you, I have been quite (hesitantly) excited by the progress (and more-so, the attitude) coming out of Redmond these days.  I mean, IE9 looks like it just might be a good browser…  And I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear that we can run multiple versions of IE on Windows 7!  Well, now they’ve even expanded on that, but adding other browsers to their matrix!  Make sure you get to page 3, where they show the DOM Inspector… yeah.  Nicely done, Microsoft!

A nice collection of educational PDFs regarding font choices and selections.  They’re a quick read, well worth it.

Have trouble keep track of which CSS needs to be added to which page for which widgets? Ben Cherry has a nice solution!

Also from Ben, it has always boggled my mind that splitting and joining an array could be faster than a simple replace REGEX, but I have read it so many times I just have to believe it to be true…  Ben’s alternative to Find/Replace is pretty slick…

Looking to get jiggy with some super-fly CSS3 (and maybe just a tad of jQuery)?  Look what the good folks at ZURB have been up to at ZURB Playground!

And speaking of jQuery, a nice “short” list of readings offered by Learning jQuery titled, well, Great Ways to Learn jQuery.  What a great title! Now, who wants to pay my bills for the next month while I read through all those?  Specifically, from “the man” himself, comes Things You Might Not Know About jQuery.  He should know.

And speaking of CSS (in general, no number), the Queen of CSS, Stubbornella, talks about the state (or should I say weight) of CSS around the web.  And it doesn’t look good.  Like most Americans, a bit on the heavy side…

Okay, just one more from Stubbornella, this is seriously cool!  Using overflow to clear floats?

And the capper to all the above, just might be the next wave in web viewing…  And it actually works…  Now, if we could only make the glasses cooler looking…

Happy reading,

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