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I’m a hard-core Chrome DevTools fan, and as great as it is, there are extensions and apps that can make us even better at what we do. Here are 12 of them. The only one I don’t really get is the Window Resizer: you shouldn’t be developing for specific window sizes, you should be setting breakpoints and transitions based on how your content’s look and usability; and to that end, just grabbing and dragging the width of your browser works pretty darned well… :-)

And to my point, here is a great extension that, rather than forcing your page into pre-determined breakpoints, displays your page at the breakpoints you chose: Emmet Re:View. I love the “Sync Scrolling” option! Though, my site actually has breakpoints for super-sized screens (on the home page, the five posts will display side-by-side), and that is not displaying here for some reason…

Okay, just one more for Chrome: “Object.observe() is now in Chrome stable!” Yowzah!

Jenkins is a continuous integration and deployment service. We use at work. It’s really powerful, saves us a ton of time, protects us from a ton of possible human error, and I am woefully lacking in knowledge about it. But Tuts+ is gong to help me set-up my very own installation!

8 ways to improve perceived performance. Not all are new, but it’s worth remembering what we can do to help our users.

A clever approach to making credit card forms suck less. The comments talk about several issues, but seems like a big step in a nice, new direction.

And a series of best practices and recommendations for forms in general, especially when dealing with mobile.

Pretty slick approach to replace if/else and switch statements with Object literals! Really nice.

Full width responsive menu, converts from collapsed on small screens, to two-column tiles, then four-column tiles, then a full-screen single-row. Looks great!

I love TheCodePlayer “walkthrough”s, they’re such a great way to demo and learn code! And this example of the ripple-click effect.

Getting to know Streams in Node.js with . This is exactly the kind of thing I frequently tell myself I really want to learn. And then never do…

The problem I see with using libraries is that we don’t often know what is really happening behind the scenes, and jQuery is no exception. Some time ago told us about first 10, then 11 more, things he learned from the inner-workings of jQuery, and here are 18 more.

As yet another knife in the hearts of those that think their old-school website is good enough for the modern web, Google will now warn users when they deem a site “might not work” on a user’s device… Aaahhhhh, day-am!

How’s your WordPress security? Good?? You sure???

This picture shizzle just got serious as both Chrome and Firefox announced their “Intent to Ship« picture!

So get up-to-snuff with picture now!

And finally, Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Alan Turing in first trailer for ‘The Imitation Game’… I’m getting in line now!

Happy reading,

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  1. aarontgrogg says:

    Thanks, Scott Leonard for pointing out the busted replace if/else and switch statements with Object literals link…

    Now fixed above.

    That one is way too good to miss out on!


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