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I have never been completely sold on the BEM-approach to organizing CSS, and this article doesn’t reach any more solid conclusions as far as I am concerned, but it is interesting to read about none-the-less.

Accessibility Wins is a curated list of sites that have, at least in part, implemented accessibility in a winning way. Much to learn here.

It’s a new web project. You’re starting from scratch. The front end is going to be clean and orderly. You’ve set your defaults. Your CSS files are organized. You’ve got a system! This time will be different. What could possibly go wrong?

Yeah, we’ve all been there. And CSS Dig does seem like a good way to start…

brings us the Chrome DevTools: State Of The Union 2015. Dig in!

A couple JS basic primers, get to know object-oriented prototype-based inheritance and the bind method a wee bit better. Both chock–full of useful tidbits.

And once you’ve brushed-up on the basics, check-out a couple approaches to handling multiple, simultaneous Ajax requests.

Something else interesting to me from this article, a little embarrassed that I wasn’t aware of it already: the abort method, available in both standard JS and jQuery

Design advice for developers: Five simple tips to help you become more design aware. Some practical basic advice.

Then you can learn not to do these 8 Design Elements Whose Time has Come. I do not agree with umber 6 at all, and while killing number 7 would always be great, it is not always practical, and I also have no idea why this has anything to do with design…

And finally, pretty cool dynamic CSS-only raindrops… Be sure to toggle the focus on the fore- and background… Nice!

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3 Responses to Today’s Readings

  1. Fesh says:

    How do you approach your CSS organizing? I’ve found BEM to do an excellent job of letting me know the exact hierarchy I’m working in without much necessity to sift through my code.

    • aarontgrogg says:

      @Fesh: Right, I actually wasn’t criticizing the BEM approach, in fact might try it out in an upcoming site rewrite. Currently, I guess I just try dealing with things in a more old-school CSS approach (trying to rely on classes & element names, rather than classifying everything), but it does get challenging, especially within a team, to keep things organized and block unintended inheritances…

      • Fesh says:

        Ah, gotchya. I did the old school way up until relatively recently and it’s been working out so far…I totally agree that teams are the roughest part of trying to adapt BEM.

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