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I recently referenced the Chrome Extension DevTools Author, which lets you theme certain panels. My experience wasn’t perfect, but nice job author of Author, , for reaching out and helping me resolve the issue!

Just in time for the official DevTools dark theme to hit the streets… :-/

I really like the floating label pattern, especially with no JS required! Maximum usability, minimal overhead…

walks us through CSS filters in this awesome live-coding presentation!

And if you’re digging the CSS filters, is a really fun way to learn more!

From comes a crapload of useful SVG links!

A pretty thorough collection of responsive typography tidbits, culminating in a Sass plugin to help you write less code. There are a few other useful bits scattered throughout the comments, if you can tippy-toe your way around the piles left by the troll…

Then walks us through using SVG to create responsive hero text!

Writing Next Generation Reusable JavaScript Modules in ECMAScript 6 is a great intro to getting your hands dirty with ES6/ES2015 now, as in today, and making it usable by everyone out there.

With all the buzz Service Worker has received as of late, it is easy to see why is so excited about streams! At the very least, we can finally create real progress bars… ;-)

How to: Pure CSS masonry layouts.

How am I only now learning about the HTML5 hidden attribute?? And browser support is pretty slamming!

Great couple quick bits to make scrollable regions more accessible!

And finally, I was just doing a review of an older project where we use a lot of background images and wondered if I could use inline images instead, but the responsive positioning seemed like it would be tricky to match. Until I read this article about object-fit and object-position.

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