Good-bye Netbiscuits, Hello AdvantiPro!

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I bid farewell to my employer of the past 4+ years, Netbiscuits. I started, fresh off the plane from `murica, as a fresh-faced 40-something-year-old, learning new proprietary code bases, new technologies, and new names, faces and cultures (though, stupidly, not the new national language…).

After a couple of company make-overs and re-focusings, I leave having worked on several challenging and at-times fascinating products, and most recently having led a small team to try to reinvent a solid product, Netbiscuits Device Detection, in order to make it easier for companies and developers to build the perfect user experience for every user, on any device.

I will certainly miss the staff more than anything. A fantastic group of human beings. I wish them all, and the company, the best of luck, and will continue to help them in any way I possibly can.

Yet it is with an equally exhilarated heart that I announce my new position, as the Director of Internet Technologies, with AdvantiPro. As daunting as that title sounds, the position, created newly for me, will surely live up to it.

With a collection of media products, ranging from print to online to design, and with a newly-rebranded flagship website, The Find-It Guide, having just launched, I will have more than my fair share of work to dive straight into once I get settled into the office!

And I cannot wait to meet all of the new team there, learn from their experiences, share some of mine, and find new and exciting ways of making what they have already done even better, however and wherever I can.

So, I find myself feeling both excited and sad. But that’s the way change feels: longing for the old, and excitement for the new.

Now I plan to enjoy my last day at Netbiscuits, then enjoy the weekend, and one in-between-jobs week, before embarking on my new adventure. Wish me luck. :-)

Happy Friday,

3 Responses to Good-bye Netbiscuits, Hello AdvantiPro!

  1. Karen says:

    Congrats on the job switch, Aaron! Change is inevitable and I’ve seen so many of our former colleagues changing jobs over the last year and a half (including myself) so it’s new adventures for all of us. :-)

  2. Stephen says:

    Good luck at your new job!

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