Today I Learned: Tabbing between MacOS windows, not just tabs

As somewhat of a power keyboard user, I was quite excited (many, many moons ago) to learn I could quickly switch between applications by using Cmd+Tab and Shift+Cmd+Tab. Took some getting used to, but I do this ALL the time to quickly hop between Chrome, VS Code, Slack, etc. Super useful, super time-saver!

And I was equally excited when I learned I could switch between browser tabs by using Cmd+Option+ and Cmd+Option+.

But I was always frustrated that I couldn’t just-as-easily hop between same-application windows (instances) as I could between tabs within the same window. Meaning, when you have more than one

Maybe this is rare for some people, but it is pretty frequent for me (like, different Chrome windows or profiles for different projects).

Well, yesterday I accidentally learned that I can shift between same-application windows by using Cmd+` and Shift+Cmd+` (nicely, on my mini keyboard, the key right above the Tab):

Switching between same-application windows using the Cmd+`

Anyhow, super useful, if you need it, so hopefully this brightens someone’s day like it did mine… :-)

Happy tabbing,

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  1. Robert says:

    The problem with this shortcut is:
    It does not work on german keyboard layouts. The key above TAB ist ^ and ° (with pressed Shift).
    Many programs have no adjusted keyboard shortcuts for different keyboard layouts. So these shortcuts often do not work.

    But it’s always possible to rebind those keys. I’ve got window switch on CMD+
    On the german keyboard, that’s the key between left shift and y.

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