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Simply JavaScript – Sitepoint Book Review

[Editor’s note: It is truly amazing how quickly a post can become dated… I am now quite comfortable with OOP-JS and I am now deeply entrenched in jQuery and find it very useful, but my points below about buying a … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

A handy HTML 5 Cheatsheet (PDF)… So why not add in a CSS3 Cheatsheet (PDF)? Coming soon from Mac? 24 JavaScript Best Practices for Beginners (not just for beginners…) Read them all!! 20 Tools to Make the Life of a … Continue reading

Check Your Website Performance

High Performance.  What does that really mean in the web world? Well, if you’re a developer, you might be thinking about how efficient your scripts and functions run, whether they do or don’t bleed any resources, whether they properly dump … Continue reading

Ever Wonder How High the z-index CSS Property Goes?

Here is the answer… Thanks to Stephen Tang for passing along! Happy z-indexing, Atg Top⇪

View Source from Firefox Directly into your HTML Editor

How many times have you had to take a webpage you are viewing, make a flat file and tinker with it in your favorite HTML Editor (I use Dreamweaver, so I’ll use it in this post)? To do this, you … Continue reading