Yearly Archives: 2009

Today’s Readings

It’s nearly the holiday season, and what better gift to give your website visitors than sprucing things up with, what else, @font-face?!  Jonathon Snook comes across a really great technique for trimming the fat from font files and avoiding FOUT!  … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

I recently read a post from Nicholas C. Zakas about the pitfalls of using empty <img> tags in your HTML.  Essentially, when most of the world’s favorite browsers (Opera and Firefox 3.5+ excluded) encounter a tag like <img src=”” >, … Continue reading

Today’s Reading

Still one of my favorite sites to look at, and easily one of the best examples of progressive CSS enhancements, 24Ways offers a really nice summation of where @font-face is right now, what you can expect from the various browsers, … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

A few quick articles from or about “something Google”… First of all, with the recent death of GeoCities, it surprised me to stumble across a Post that mentioned Google Sites.  I somehow was not aware they offered this service! And … Continue reading

Google’s “Browser Size”: What Does it Really Tell You?

Check out these couple links before proceeding: For those that skipped right past the above links, to summarize: a couple lads at Google, in their 20% time, have created a system that tracked the browser window size … Continue reading