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Still one of my favorite sites to look at, and easily one of the best examples of progressive CSS enhancements, 24Ways offers a really nice summation of where @font-face is right now, what you can expect from the various browsers, and a solid re-stating of of the benefits of a proper font stack.

And from Smashing Magazine comes an article with several great tips on progressive CSS3 and JS enhancements including <form> <label>s, modal overlays, image masks, and newspaper columns. Be sure to click the resource articles at the bottom for deeper reading!

Once you have all that nice progressive enhancement code, you really need to properly maintain it!  While I don’t care for the examples used in the article, I completely agree with Nick‘s philosophy: keep your code properly organized so you and others can figure out what is going on later.

Has anyone ever thought how cool 3D would be on the web?  Like, if you could look inside an image, see what is beyond the boundaries of the image?  Well, check out this Ajaxian article, and move your mouse around over the image…  That sound you just heard was your mind melting…  And the absolute cuckoo-pants part?  It’s nothing but HTML and CSS…  I know!! Granted, there is a lot of HTML and CSS, but seriously, how cool is that??? Want more 3D? Check out what Johnny Lee does with a Wii… And by the way, Johnny Lee has done a lot with the Wii

Want a little more CSS madness? These 24Ways articles all require the latest-and-greatest version of Safari, but are all pretty slick…

Okay, suppose that’s enough mind-melting for today?  Me too…  :-)

Happy reading,

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