Today’s Readings

I recently read a post from Nicholas C. Zakas about the pitfalls of using empty <img> tags in your HTML.  Essentially, when most of the world’s favorite browsers (Opera and Firefox 3.5+ excluded) encounter a tag like <img src="" >, it makes two HTTP Requests…  Why?  No idea, but apparently true…  Nick now writes a follow-up on how to avoid second HTTP Requests in IE; it’s a start at least…  So, Safari, wassup??

Did you know that with one (more-or-less) one click, you can get an entire suite of Google Applications, including Google Chrome, Google Talk, Skype, and Picasa?  Sounds like an awesome gift-for-me for this year…

Anyone waiting to build that iPhone app, but still haven’t learned Objective-C?  Well, Apple has come to the rescue…  Check-out Apple’s Pastrykit!

For anyone that uses WinMerge, your last time might be just that: your last time…  Take a little gander at FishEye’s latest offering

Anyone out there still need help from Santa this year?  Well, here are a couple options…

And for anyone that doesn’t believe in Santa, here’s visible proof!

Happy reading, and happy holidays to all!

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