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Finally, an update to my Boilerplate: Starkers WP Theme!

Well, it took nearly 9 months, but the first real update to my Boilerplate: Starkers WP Theme is live! The update includes all of the current HTML5 Boilerplate updates that are applicable to WordPress. WordPress’ process still doesn’t allow me … Continue reading

Building Your Very Own, Custom Version of Modernizr!

I fell in love with Modernizr the moment I set eyes on it. I was irreversibly enraptured when html5shiv was added to it. One issue I have with Modernizr, though, is that is tests lots of features that I don’t … Continue reading

My First WP Theme: “Boilerplate: Starkers”

Building on the shoulders of giants, I present to you the Boilerplate: Starkers WordPress theme! Having been thoroughly inspired yet again by Paul Irish, this time working with Divya Manian, and their HTML5 Boilerplate, I couldn’t wait to build all … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

It’s nearly the holiday season, and what better gift to give your website visitors than sprucing things up with, what else, @font-face?!  Jonathon Snook comes across a really great technique for trimming the fat from font files and avoiding FOUT!  … Continue reading