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Today’s Readings

The latest installment in my ‘Today’s Readings’ series, offering my rants and thoughts based on findings from around the world-wide web, including AI, CSS, INP, Performance, Usability, Scroll-Driven and View Transitions APIs and more. Happy reading! Continue reading

bfcache: Improve Back & Forward Page Views

Back/forward cache (or bfcache) is a browser optimization that enables instant back and forward navigation. It is now supported in all modern browsers and requires nothing from you to work. Other than, not to break it, that is… Happy caching! Continue reading

Using Resource Hints to Improve the Page Load Experience

As webpages become more complex, they also become larger and slower. The browser then has a tougher time finding all of the assets it needs. But we can help by giving the browser a few hints… Happy hinting! Continue reading

Bringing this Site out of Mothballs!

After nearly a three-year hiatus, I will attempt to kickstart this old blog, and see if anyone is still out there. Now where did I put that engine crank… Continue reading

Help kids play like we used to play

A good friend of mine, , and a group of his friends are running a Kickstarter campaign to provide NYC kids with an open, free and creative playground environment, aptly called play:ground. Please watch their video and consider contributing to … Continue reading

How to use dynamic variables in a Grunt config file

Grunt is a powerful tool, but can seem limiting when you need dynamic values or options. But it’s actually really easy to pass data to Grunt and have it do just about anything you want, dynamically! Continue reading

How to provide accessibility for the abbr element on touch devices

The abbr element is extremely useful for usability and for accessibility. But natively the abbr element relies on a :hover state to reveal an abbreviation’s definition, and :hover states do not work well on touch devices. So I decided to try to find a way to make the abbr element more accessible on touch devices. This is that story… ;-) Continue reading

A better Windows command line experience: Comparing PowerCmd vs. Console2 vs. ConsoleZ vs. ConEmu Vs. Cmder

A short while ago I wrote a post about Console2. Then a reader suggested I try ConEmu or Cmder. So I did. Then I also tried PowerCmd and ConsoleZ. Here is what I thought of each, and which I recommend for you. Continue reading

How to Print a LinkedIn Profile as a Resume: The Chrome Extension

My post about how to print a LinkedIn Profile page as a resume is my most popular post ever. I’m flattered, and proud that my tiny bit of work has helped so many people. So, to help even more, I’ve also created a Chrome Extension version, that’s even available via the Chrome Web Store! Continue reading

How to replace remote files with local files when debugging

If you are a front-end developer, then the time will come when you want or need to debug a file on some remote website and you want to do so by editing that file on your local hard-drive. In this article I discuss several options that I tried using, what worked and didn’t for each, and reveal which one finally worked for me. Continue reading