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Ok, now back to business…

Anybody working on a project and looking for some free services (domains, hosting, APIs, CI/CD, etc.)? Well Free for Developers is here for you! A seemingly never-ending list of free tools and services for developers to use, including notes and limits about each one! (Would be nice if everything was in alpha-order, but can’t have everything, I suppose…)

View Transitions Debugging Tactics video.
recommends checking out ‘s video on View Transition Debugging. And that’s good enough for me! :-)

kindly points out that, at least in Chrome Canary, we can now set our textareas automatically increase with the size of its content, via CSS-only, using form-sizing: normal. Can’t say I like that declaration/value, another one I am never going to remember, but at least we have it now…

shares a two-part series (one, two) on the CSS used for the new Threads app. Always interesting to see how someone else does essentially the same thing we all do: put boxes on pages…

After helped us detect if an element can scroll or not, he has now come up with a Scroll-Driven Animations Debugging Extension, too!

Have you started tracking your INP yet? You do know March 2024 is just around the bend, right? Well, the good folks at DebugBear have written a lovely article for us, titled Measure And Optimize Interaction to Next Paint (INP) to help us all get ready.

shared Random CSS Tip. Seems like this could be a great way to start each morning, learning some random CSS bit…

Are you using Priority Hints to get the best performance out of your sites? Well and explain how prefetching helped Terra (one Brasil’s largest content portals) increase ad click-throughs and speed up TTFB and LCP. A power mixture of the Intersection Observer API, Network Information API, Device Memory API and requestIdleCallback, even providing support for safari, which didn’t yet support rel=prefetch… Bravo!

Speaking of performance, highly recommend making the time for Beyond Tellerand presentation The Psychology of Web Performance. Covering the connection between usability and performance, understanding how we perceive time, understanding the effect of waiting on our perception and energy (including things that aren’t even related to performance), and focusing on “what is the impact of performance at a real, fundamental, human level.” Deep stuff, but fantastically important for anyone truly wanting to understand the impact of performance on our users.

Apparently we can now prompt ChatGPT with pictures and voice commands… Well alrighty, then. Next step achieved!

reminds us of the basics of CSS terminology, from rulesets and statements to declarations and declaration blocks and more. Always good to make sure we are all using the correct/same vocabulary…

And finally, ever wanted to fly through a coronal mass ejection? Yeah, me neither! But lucky for us, we don’t have to, because NASA‘s Parker Solar Probe has gone and done it for us! Now we get to sit back and just enjoy the beauty and majesty of it…

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