Bringing this Site out of Mothballs!

Well hello there. Long time no write.

I know that my last tech-related post, from nearly a year ago, promised that I would try to start writing more again, but life continued to have other plans for me. Nothing serious, just life.

But here I am, ready to rock you like a hurricane!

I’d like to think that previously I had been keeping up with most the latest new web tech and best-practices, but for the past 3 years I have more or less had my head firmly in the sand, spending all my free time and energy to keep the fleet of projects above water at work.

In this time of reading next-to-nothing, tech-wise, I now feel completely ignorant regarding what is new, what is current, and what is out-dated… I have not really used anything like ES6, Service Workers, Node, Git, Grunt (is this still a thing?), PWA frameworks (React, Angular, etc.), CSS Grid, and on and on and on…

So, for my first writing in roughly three years, I’d actually like to ask a question:
What web tech are you using, daily, weekly, or otherwise, that you are in love with, blown away by, or just want to brag about?

I look forward to any replies, and promise to actually get this beast going again this time…

All the best, and thanks in advance,

2 Responses to Bringing this Site out of Mothballs!

  1. Danny Boy says:

    Hello my old friend, you have fallen so far, ES6 is a must, service workers kinda came and went but there is a use case I guess to get thing off the main thread, Node mostly blows compared to PHP but people just f’ing love it, Git is a must, Grunt is long gone NPM Scripts is mostly king, PWAs, SPAs, etc. all depends on where you work and the UX they want, Angular is toast only .NET people love it at this point, SASS has won the CSS wars, React is super popular still but I give that another 2 years, VUE is climbing the charts, we use that in my group, and also we just started adopting Svelte into a project, I highly recommend taking a look at that, CSS Grid and Flexbox are the bomb.

    Check out this video

  2. Stephen Tang says:

    It has been a super long time! To your topic…

    React is popular in the U.S. (job wise), but Vue is popular outside the U.S. Svelte is a compile time framework, where only the runtime is in the production copy, saving on file size. It does not have a router or datastore library yet, so it might take a bit to catch on.

    CSS flexbox and grid are the current trends. SASS is still used as a CSS preprocessor of choice, followed by a distant LESS. PostCSS is also talked about.

    NPM is the package repository of choice in the U.S. Bower is mostly out. Yarn (Facebook open source) has some traction.

    Grunt and gulp are out of favor. Webpack is dominant with some talk of Rollup.

    As long as you own your business, you decide what tech you want. No need to chase every shiny new tech. It was supposed to be “the right tool for the right job” but the job environment seems to be “we must use new tech or we cannot be employed or justify or budget.” Unfortunately, this creates a never-ending cycle of tech upgrades at a fast pace. For the money a decent tech worker makes, I wonder if being a lawyer or doctor would be better.

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