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Help kids play like we used to play

A good friend of mine, , and a group of his friends are running a Kickstarter campaign to provide NYC kids with an open, free and creative playground environment, aptly called play:ground. Please watch their video and consider contributing to … Continue reading

What to Do After You’ve Watched The Daily Show or Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Feel frustrated after watching shows like The Daily Show or Last Week Tonight, because you want to do something, but just aren’t sure what you can do, or how to go about it? You are not alone, but there are also no easy answers. But find out what one person did, and know that action can be taken, and their effects can be felt… Continue reading

April Fools’ Day

As yet another April Fools’ Day comes and goes, I share my thoughts on the day. Continue reading

Cigarette Smokers, Revisited…

Some time ago I wrote about my “fucking hatred” for cigarette smokers. Here is a slight revisit to the topic… Continue reading

Boilerplate Theme no longer available via the WordPress Repository

What do you do when WordPress makes a rash decision and just pulls your Theme? Smile, exhale, and stroll on over to Github… Continue reading