San Francisco, I Guess We’re NOT Coming Home, Yet…

When I wrote back in July about us leaving Germany and returning to San Francisco, our minds were made up and our plans were finalized: We were finally heading back to our home by the Bay, to our friends and family there, to warm(er) weather, and so on and so on.

Then life happened, once again…

After only two years over here, we knew we weren’t totally ready to leave it all behind, but we didn’t seem to have a choice; Marianne’s job, which allowed us to live and work over here, was ending, and no other options were available. Then something peaked over the horizon.

It still wasn’t an easy decision, because we had made-up our minds, and told people, etc. Plus, the new job opportunity wasn’t exactly what Marianne was used to, so there was to be change, even if we stayed.

But our love of traveling, and the world we’ve found over here, finally won. Marianne started her new job this week, my job continues to roll on, though with its own changes, but mostly our lives here just continue, giving us the chance to continue exploring the world and all it has to offer.

In the past two years we’ve covered some ground, and we can’t wait to cover more.

So, San Francisco, and those that we love there, I guess you’ll have to wait a little longer, again… Hope some of you will be able to get over here soon, and the rest, well, we’ll see you just as soon as we can…

And in case you’re wondering what is so captivating over here, click, then go full-screen

Lots of love,

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