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All nice and bloated from the holidays? Yeah, well so’s the web, so let’s get it fine-tuned!

One more for you, this time a real-left test using Google’s PageSpeed Insights, and trying to see just how good of a score can be achieved… Impressive results.

Speaking of performance, how much energy do you put into optimizing images? If as much as most people (including me), maybe you too could benefit from this CLI, a Batch Compression Tool.

But if you still prefer the manual method, this article gets seriously granular on tweaking images in Photoshop

Great walk-through on setting up a Mac from scratch. Nice app list.

And once you get it all set-up, why not create bootable back-ups too?

Cool trick from CSS Tricks to convert that “navigon” thingy into the actual menu it represents. I’m with Chris, not sure I would ever use it, but it’s a cool idea, and always fun to see new ideas come to life…

Quick walk-through on creating an app layout using flexbox.

Layering things using z-index is awesome, right? Well, here are a few tidbits you might not know about z-index.

Cute: What would super-heros do if they weren’t needed for crime-fighting? It’s like CSS, on Less…

I’ve been wanting to learn JS Design Patterns since I first learned about them, but a) I never made the time, because b) they weren’t all that simple, and c) I wasn’t convinced of the need for them… Let’s see if Addy can change any of that

From Nicole Sullivan comes a new extension to help us untangle our typography. And there’s even science-stuff that you can read about typography! Nice!

CSS just turned 17. Does that mean next year it will finally be allowed to vote??

Maybe then it an help sort out some of this responsive image mess

And from the far-distant land of CSS, a nice article of things-to-come, namely Shadow DOM and Web Components

A few big bits of browser info: CSS variables are now in FF nightly, dialog has landed in Chrome Canary, and Chrome for Android has removed the 300ms delay!

Chrome DevTools also landed quite a few cool items in 2013!

One more from DevTools, man how I have wished I could do this after refreshing a Weinre page…

Great 3-part series on SVGs:

  1. SVG – Super Vector Graphics
  2. Preprocessing SVGs for the Web in 3 automated steps
  3. Falling back from SVG

Pair that with this one that I somehow missed earlier this (er, last!) year from Chris Coyier, and you’ve got a pretty serious foundation!

Hmm, the HTML5 Vibration API looks nice and simple

5 golden .htaccess nuggets that Dave Walsh has dug out of HTML5 Boilerplate for us.

Apparently plants can talk… I can only imagine what they must say about us…

A couple nice accessibility notes…

In case, like me, you were unable to attend An Event Apart San Francisco, here are all the links!

Time to get your space on:


Watch this video… seriously cool stuff!

A script that provides basic support for element queries.

Properly detecting viewport size is a bit of a mixture of voodoo and masocism… But luckily others are willing to take on that task for the rest of us

And finally, it’s inevitable, isn’t it?

Happy reading,

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