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San Francisco, We’re Coming Home!

In the years that have passed since Marianne and I left the San Francisco Bay Area (and there have been 12 of those years!), we have called many places home: Silver Springs, MD; Bethesda, MD; the Upper East Side of … Continue reading

Facebook Timeline Image Fix

This one is a bit trivial, I know, but the way Facebook’s Timeline handles (and butchers) images has annoyed me from the first time I saw it. Example: Facebook Timeline, before fix Notice how both images are cropped? On the … Continue reading

I am so f-ing sick of hearing about “The Cloud”!

<rant> I must admit, on paper, the cloud sounds really great: We all walk around with unattached devices, unencumbered by wires and connections to things, free to roam wherever we like, without a care in the world, because no matter … Continue reading

Here you go, Facebook, you’re welcome!

Hey, Facebook, how ya doing? Good, good… Um, I love the infinite scroll thing you (and so many other sites) do, but the thing is, it really sucks when, after scrolling down for a while, I decide to actually click … Continue reading

I Fucking Hate Cigarette Smokers!

<rant> Okay, not actually the cigarette smokers themselves, and certainly not all cigarette smokers… I get that you want to smoke, and I agree that you have the right. It’s a completely stupid habit in my opinion, but it is … Continue reading

How to Do the “Right Thing”

I just read an article from one of my faves, Jeremy Keith, titled How do I convinceā€¦?, and I chuckled to myself several times because it is also something I’ve heard many times, something to the effect of “But how … Continue reading

Windows 7 + (Chrome > 17) = WTF?

Update: This has been resolved, see my comment from 2012-Dec-06. And in this special case, WTF stands for: What’s with The Font-rendering… This has happened to me a couple times now, and each time I have filed a bug, waited, … Continue reading

A Conversation Only Web Developers Would Have…

I found myself in this (paraphrased) conversation at work today … Co-worker: “I used to have laundry in my apartment, I miss it so much, now I have to go to the laundromat…” Me: “The downside of in-home laundry is … Continue reading

Responsive vs. Design

As a developer, when I think of responsive design, I get a little (geekily) excited: I love coding, I love building, I love finding a way to make things work. Surely this is why I do what I do. However, … Continue reading

Why Can’t I Edit JavaScript Files in the WordPress Theme Editor?

Please note that as of WP 4.4, you can now enable editing of JS (or any other file format) via the WP Themes editor! The details are illustrated in the comments below. Thanks to Dmitri for pointing out the new … Continue reading