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Trying to add generated-content to HTML form fields

One man’s attempt to visually represent required form fields using only the necessary HTML and CSS. Spoiler-alert: #wtf? Continue reading

RSS reading nightmare: Feedly & gReader failing badly

I consume a lot of RSS feeds. That is where nearly 100% of my finds for Today’s Readings come from. But suddenly my world turned upside-down, and I’m documenting the problems, and hopefully the solutions, for anyone else that experiences the same. Continue reading

San Francisco, I Guess We’re NOT Coming Home, Yet…

When I wrote back in July about us leaving Germany and returning to San Francisco, our minds were made up and our plans were finalized: We were finally heading back to our home by the Bay, to our friends and … Continue reading

Follow-up to Why Can’t I Edit JavaScript Files in the WordPress Theme Editor?

Please note that as of WP 4.4, you can now enable editing of JS (or any other file format) via the WP Themes editor! The details are illustrated in the comments of the initial post on this subject. Thanks to … Continue reading

Shitty Politicians are like Weeds…

Note: This is not a tech article. I don’t do a lot of political stuff here, but this time I can’t help myself… <rant> I have a back yard. My back yard has some trees, some hedge-like stuff, some berry … Continue reading