Yearly Archives: 2012

Write and Share HTML/CSS Online with Scratchpad

Been playing with Scratchpad recently, pretty cool online editor. Very smooth interface, very responsive to edits. Love that I can share files, but wish I could open files that exist outside of Scratchpad and edit them there, rather than having … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Over the past couple of months, I have noticed a considerable slowing of this site; anyone else notice it? I don’t think I’ve done anything to cause this, so maybe it’s GoDaddy (I know, I know, but I’ve been there … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Absolutely brilliant! A thought-controlled helicopter. Not sure to be super impressed, or super scared… The author makes a good case for using this bind method, especially the ability to remove bound listeners and an improvement in efficiency! Not quite ready … Continue reading

Finding the Scroll Position in IE10

It’s been so long since I had to deal with IE that I had forgotten about this, but IE does not support window.scrollX/window.scrollY; you have to use something like: var top = typeof window.scrollY === “undefined” ? window.pageYOffset : window.scrollY; … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

I wrote some time ago about the Tractor Beam and the Tricorder both slowly moving from Star Trek to reality. Now we’re talking about the Universal Translator. “But we already have Google Translate and Siri,” you say? Well watch this … Continue reading