Today’s Readings

Me too… hilarious!

Somehow thought Isaac Asimov would sound cooler, but I guess sounding this nerdy is actually better…

Great @media support page, using nothing more than the tests it claims to detect…

Can’t wait for this shit: Shadow DOM and Web Components! And be sure to check all the vids from JSConf EU 2012!

And from the Shadow DOM, to Shadow Scultures.  Love the concept, but the follow-through is even better…

Skeleton, “A Beautiful Boilerplate for Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Development”… Got that right!

So why not shove that wholesome goodiness into a WordPress theme?!

Curious how clean the EPA thinks your water is? Now you can find out!

You go, Botswana! But seriously, this has slowly been taking shape as a viable economic plan in Africa.  Nice to see it continuing!

I love this on-screen testing suite, what a great way to introduce new users to your site/app!

Whether you’re an experienced WordPress developer or new to the game, I venture you can learn something from this intro to actions and filters.

A nice list of Text Editor shortcuts, hopefully a couple of these will make your workday a little easier.

I like this new rule

Beginning the discussion on responsive navigation standards.

Slick off-screen navigation, using only CSS.

Nice collection of responsive image demos.

And diving a little more deeply into the subject or responsive images, looks like it might be better to über-optimize when it comes to dealing with retina

Having not had to even think about IE6/7/8/9 for the past couple years has been really, really nice. But if do have to think about them, IE-specific @media hacks seem like a really smart way to deal with them (if you don’t mind hacks, that is… :-)!

Say hello to the future of cyber implants

John Resig’s Khan Academy course on Computer Science.

Four presentations worth watching from Web Directions South 2012.

An interesting, semantic approach to icons. Give all your icons a class of icon, the assign this font to icon in your CSS, and away you go!

And finally, wow, power to the pee-ople, literally!!

Happy reading,

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