I am so f-ing sick of hearing about “The Cloud”!

I must admit, on paper, the cloud sounds really great: We all walk around with unattached devices, unencumbered by wires and connections to things, free to roam wherever we like, without a care in the world, because no matter where we find ourselves, we still have access to everything we could ever want because everything we could ever want is simply… in the cloud… ahhhh….

The problem with this lovely little slice of Utopia is, ironically, that its not always “cloudy”…. Some times (often times, depending on where your little heart and limbs have wandered) there is not a cloud to be found anywhere near you… Not even a whisp!

So, all this BS about how “soon all of your devices will be interconnected”, “soon you will be able to turn on your oven while you’re on the way home”, “soon you will be able to watch all of your fave Gangnam vids while frolicking in the Alps”, is just plain rubbish!!

The technical obstacles that need to be overcome before this could all happen are large enough, let alone the reality that, in order to “connect to the cloud” somewhere, someone must have considered that somewhere to have been worthy of their funding of a wireless connection there!

So all you media and marketing people out here harping on and on about how the cloud will soon be a part of everything we do and how we do it, shut up already!

Thanks, I feel better now…

One Response to I am so f-ing sick of hearing about “The Cloud”!

  1. Patrick says:

    Absolutely your opinion! Way to few rants out there, thanks for this one.

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