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Water-soluble packaging… Now that seems like a long time coming, nice job Apple!

I like the Slit Slider. Can’t see myself using it, but I like it.

I can’t figure out what the sort order is (and the table is not sortable), but the Mozilla Event Reference is quite comprehensive and should be helpful for debugging in any browser! Wonder how similar that list in other browsers…

Live.js brings live edit updating to any page, by just adding a script… Powerful!

And speaking of productivity-enhancers, it seems like Emmet would be an incredible boost to productivity, if only I had the patience to sit and learn it

And in case you too have no idea which keys all those shortcut symbols represent, this should help

And since we’re on the subject of keyboard rants, if you too wish your Mac keyboard function keys acted like, you know, function keys, then this should help

What the hell, while we’re talking about keyboards so damned much, I used to be a hard-core DOS coder, so I know the power of command line (ok, stop snickering, right now!), but have completely lost touch since those days. But for anyone that likes command line, these are apparently “powerful”.

An inner-text-shadow might be a passé effect, but it is nice to know it can be done, and nicely done, via pure CSS!

I absolutely freaking love watching stone statues just walk down the road

Having a bunch of CSS Snippets just lying around could also be a real productivity booster! looks awesome, creating HTML presentations right in your browser, with multiple themes and transitions, with just the click of a button! (Jump to the bottom for the video demo.)

Yeah, this is just plain scary

The Stairway Hover Nav, by Chris Coyier, is slick!

And in a recent CSS-Tricks Chronicle, Chris also recommends Divvy. Looks cool, for people like me that don’t work with all their app windows in “max-size” mode… Watch the demo video, most impressive!

And speaking of impressive, any person that has ever used a Windows-based PC, then switched to a Mac, likely has a few “issues” with their new operating system. And I’ll just bet that one of the biggest is “the green button”, a.k.a. “the zoom button that doesn’t”… So check-out Right Zoom! It doesn’t work on all apps (most notably one Apple product (iTunes) and a few Adobe products), but I’ll take what I can get, what a time-saver!

Not only clever and inspirational hover effects in the samples, but in the demonstration of those effects as well.

Some times a name says it all: Elastislide A Responsive Image Carousel.

Hakim El Hattab is easily one of the brighter new stars on the web dev horizon. His site is just fun to navigate around, and then you start checking out all the fantastic experiments he’s created, like Fokus

How do you not love the idea of self-driving cars?? And hopefully by now you know Google is heavily pushing the future of self-driving cars. And now you can find out how it all works!

And finally, to everyone I know and love up and down the eastern coast of The States, glad you all made it through okay, and I hope your lives are back to (as close to) normal (as it gets) very, very soon!

Happy reading,

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