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Notes from The State of Front-End Dev Hangout

While watching The State of Front-End Dev Hangout, hosted by Chris Coyier, I took a few notes on bits and pieces that really sparked my imagination. Here are a few semi-quotes, self-notes, and other musings on the topics covered. Continue reading

Today’s Readings

I’m fortunate enough to work for a company that has a tremendous device lab for us to use for developing and testing, but for those that do not have such access to real devices, the next best step would be … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

KLM’s Must See Map seems like a great idea! So I’m trying it out for my upcoming Barcelona trip in May. Any tips? If you’ve ever tried to use <audio> in mobile, from trying to download audio files (in the … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Water-soluble packaging… Now that seems like a long time coming, nice job Apple! I like the Slit Slider. Can’t see myself using it, but I like it. I can’t figure out what the sort order is (and the table is … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

I have to admit, I’m a total sucker for numbered-lists-of-shit, but Things I didn’t know about the WebKit inspector? I’m all in! (Okay, well, it obviously was numbered at one point, thus the URL, but I guess that changed at … Continue reading

One Scary-Ass Look into the Future: External Rewards and Jesse Schell’s Amazing Lecture

For a scary look into our future, spend 28 minutes watching (or at least listening to) this video from the DICE 2010 Summit. Are we really predestined to be tracked, every move we make, every step we take? And is … Continue reading

“Microformats: Finally Coming of Age?” Presentation

A presentation I recently gave about the bold new steps the world of Microformats has taken recently, most notably enhanced search results in Google! Widget courtesy of Google Web Elements Enjoy, Atg Top⇪

Today’s Readings

So, how did this Inter-web-thingy get started, anyhow?  An interesting piece I stumbled across… I have to admit that I do not know who Michael Bierut is (you designers may now cringe), but if Cameron Moll is impressed with the … Continue reading

Velocity 09: “High Performance Search at Google”

Yes, I know this was a while ago, but I finally made the time to listen through this entire presentation: Kyle Scholz and Yaron Friedman are front-end developers for Google Search, focused on one thing: Make Google Search faster.  … Continue reading

“YQL: YnotQL?” Presentation

A presentation I recently gave about the power of YQL! Widget courtesy of Google Web Elements Enjoy, Atg Top⇪