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I’m fortunate enough to work for a company that has a tremendous device lab for us to use for developing and testing, but for those that do not have such access to real devices, the next best step would be simulators and emulators. And Maximiliano Firtman (also the proud papa of Mobile has created the mother of all lists!

While this presentation is short, Elijah Glover offers several HTML5 mobile apps tips and tricks.

Lungo uses HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to bring “consistent browser environment across mobiles, TVs and desktop devices.” No small task, and worth digging into! The framework appears to be quite robust, and quite well documented, and also makes use of font-icons and CSS animation for swiping and scrolling. Would love to hear what others think.

A nice, tiny responsive nav plugin called Responsive Nav, packs quite a few features into 1.7kb (minified and Gzipped).

Performance should always be on your mind. And smaller file size is one of the lowest-hanging fruits there is. csscss is here to help reduce your CSS file size by helping point out redundant style declarations.

The horizontal scroll: everyone hates it right? But actually, it can be great for galleries, or image panels, etc. Horwheel lets your scroll wheel control horizontal scrolling, just as it typically does for vertical scrolling. Not sure if you can target just certain parts of the page or not, ideally you could, but it disables the “back” swipe that I normally use while surfing on my Mac… :-)

With Google Streetview Hyperlapse, we may never need to go on road trips ever again…

Now this is making lemonade from lemons!

Hmmm… I didn’t even realize there was a problem with some browsers including the scrollbar width in the viewport width (which is the spec) and some not (WebKit)… So I guess mqGenie is a good idea!

It’s an important message, one we should remind ourselves of every day while we work, that Your Mobile Experience Is Not Theirs

And finally, depending on your age, the first moon landing was likely either one of the greatest memories you have, something you just barely missed, or something you’re just barely aware happened. But spend a few minutes watching, listening and reading, and be part of that first moon landing! Great idea, great execution. The landing, and the site…

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