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So, how did this Inter-web-thingy get started, anyhow?  An interesting piece I stumbled across…

I have to admit that I do not know who Michael Bierut is (you designers may now cringe), but if Cameron Moll is impressed with the man, he’s got to be somebody worth listening to.  And so I listened.  And so should you.  It is a fascinating talk about clients, good, bad, and otherwise, and how to deal with them, foster good ones, and expunge bad ones… Yes, it is a little long, and he does digress a bit, but who doesn’t?  I know this one time I was digressing, I was sitting in a cafe, talking to a friend, and I noticed a bird fly past the window, I think it was a bluebird, which is a really pretty bird, don’t you think?  :-)

Another fascinate listen comes to us in the form of a jQuery podcast with Dave Artz, of AOL Website Optimization fame, regarding integrating jQuery at the enterprise level, the challenges and tricks Dave faces.

Only true geeks will love this achievement of CSS3 as much as I do…

From the good folks at comes Quick Form Builder, which takes pieces of data from you via a <textarea> and produces a standards-quality HTML <form>, and Accessify Table Builder, which, not quite as straight-forward, lets you click-and-type to produce a standards-quality HTML <table>. Pretty slick!

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