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Today’s Readings

Designers: Contrast is king!  Okay, maybe that sounds a little overzealous, but read the article, and check-out some of the tools they link to.  Really good stuff!  Beyond the obvious (colors should contrast enough to make things pop, but not … Continue reading

It’s an iPad Extravaganza!

With all the hoopla bouncing around the InterWeb these days about the iPad, I thought I’d bring together a few (interesting?) bits I came across… offers a nice buyer’s guide for the various versions of the iPad to help … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

This is in no way practical, but it is still a fun exhibition of CSS prowess nonetheless: a typeface made completely in CSS. Not everyone likes the idea of CSS Frameworks, but, as Alex points out in his SitePoint article, … Continue reading

Another Nail in the Coffin for IE6…

SXSW seems like forever ago, especially after a few days of fantastic relaxation in Puerto Rico, and so I’m still trying to mull through the 200+ posts in my Google Reader, but this one made me want to post a … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

So, I think everyone wants to use <video>, right?  But there are obvious challenges (like some browsers don’t support it, no browsers support all of the control features, and developers cannot reliably affect the appearance of the the player and … Continue reading