It’s an iPad Extravaganza!

With all the hoopla bouncing around the InterWeb these days about the iPad, I thought I’d bring together a few (interesting?) bits I came across… offers a nice buyer’s guide for the various versions of the iPad to help you choose the right one.  If you’re planning on buying one, that is…

Feel the need to see what the iPad store will be like, even before it comes out?  Reportedly someone at Apple has jumped the gun and leaked a couple videos

It appears the iPad will bring the “full-page ad” back into our lives with a new ad format for their devices.

The iPad giveth, and the iPad taketh away…  With the arrival of the iPad, many print publications foresaw a rebirth opportunity for their publications.  However, a major change in app-store policies seems to block a currently affective advertising method: gift subscriptions…

And in related news:

Happy iPadding,

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