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This is in no way practical, but it is still a fun exhibition of CSS prowess nonetheless: a typeface made completely in CSS.

Not everyone likes the idea of CSS Frameworks, but, as Alex points out in his SitePoint article, the way the framework developers structure their base CSS sheds a great light on “objective” thinking…  It also pointed out a few holes I had in my CSS reset…

The End of Publishing” is here.  Or is it?

And in case you are of the generation referenced in the first half of the video, the article does acknowledge the original Lost Generation

From the world of how-can-this-even-be-possible comes the new content aware filter for PhotoShop. This borders more on virtual reality than photo touch-up, if you ask me. Absolutely incredible… Be sure to stick around for the entire video, the last couple examples are the most impressive.

A whole slew of IE9 Preview articles have been popping up since MIX2010 (IE9 Preview video, but be warned, it is a WMV, so it will open Windows Media Player…), now here is your chance to actually play with it a little…

  • IE9 Testing Center – a chart of “who can do what” and link to IE9 Platform Preview
  • IE9 Platform Preview – a direct link to the downloadable preview version of IE9 (what they don’t tell you prior to download is that you need at least Windows Vista SP2…)
  • IE9 Test Drive – sample pages of things that supposedly look better in IE9 than in other browsers (download the Platform Preview first, then you can view the samples and compare for yourself). Ah! The “requires Windows Vista or Windows 7” warning is on this page… well that, uh, makes sense…

So, while I do not yet have a version of Windows Vista or Windows 7, from what I read, IE9 will be one welcome puppy. Preview currently only gets 55/100 of the Acid3 test, but that’s a lot better than the 23/100 Pete LePage presented at the NYC Standards.Next! Keep it up, guys and gals!

And speaking of IE, while digging around Pete LePage‘s blog, I tripped across a couple seemingly useful links, such as the Expression Web Super Preview (seriously, where does MS come up with these names???) which allows you to view websites in multiple versions of IE side-by-side, an article about Expression Web 3 by Somasegar, the Top Ten Mistakes Made by Web Developers (which isn’t really a top-ten list, but a list of site he references during a presentation, to which there is no link, but there are still some pretty heinous sites listed…), and a series of links on his post titled Web Tools Or Tools For Web People (some of which you likely know, others you may not).

In our world of mash-ups-are-king, Zeldman waxes dreamily about a few truly great ideas… Now, who wants to build them? A show of hands, please…  Or better yet, who has better ideas??

I have to say that Bruce Lawson is now one of my favorite web people. Having been a big fan of his work (I use his WordPress template for this site because it is HTML5 and has ARIA built-in Scratch that, I’m using a modified TwentyTen now…) and his writings, I had the pleasure of seeing him present twice at SXSWi. Like Jeremy Keith, he just makes stuff understandable and fun to listen to…

And finally, who knew this was a word before we all spoke in 140-character bursts?

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