Monthly Archives: March 2010

HP Slate: A NOT-so-Subtle Swipe at Apple’s iPad

A new Wired article about the upcoming HP Slate is going to try to give Apple‘s iPad a run for their money. It looks like a great device, but I find the heavy Flash-push a little annoying… Maybe they should … Continue reading

One Scary-Ass Look into the Future: External Rewards and Jesse Schell’s Amazing Lecture

For a scary look into our future, spend 28 minutes watching (or at least listening to) this video from the DICE 2010 Summit. Are we really predestined to be tracked, every move we make, every step we take? And is … Continue reading

Google Page Speed: It’s Their World, We Just Live In It

I briefly mentioned Google Page Speed in a recent post, but I’m just now making the time to dig deeper into this Firefox add-on (truthfully, it is a Firebug add-on, so you’ll need that installed first).  And, as one might … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

I recently tripped across the Firefox Tips & Tricks page.  There probably isn’t a lot here that most developers don’t already know, but being someone that is always on the look-out for new keyboard shortcuts, I found these, a couple … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Our man Jeremy Keith and his Mad Lib-style registration page for Huffduffer got some nice kudos from Luke W.  In fact, Luke liked the Mad Lib approach so much, he convinced a client to try some A/B Testing on their … Continue reading