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Adobe Makes a Statement About Staying in the HTML Game

With all the negative talk between Adobe and Apple and all the doom-saying about the death of Flash, Adobe made some bold statements at Google I/O regarding their future in the web business and their commitment to HTML5 with the … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Not sure that I’ve ever encountered an Inspection in Firebug that I felt wasn’t accurate, but Brothercake has an Inspector that he claims is better. Okay. Debugging and Closures and Modules, oh my! I love to trip across something that … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

So, I think everyone wants to use <video>, right?  But there are obvious challenges (like some browsers don’t support it, no browsers support all of the control features, and developers cannot reliably affect the appearance of the the player and … Continue reading

HP Slate: A NOT-so-Subtle Swipe at Apple’s iPad

A new Wired article about the upcoming HP Slate is going to try to give Apple‘s iPad a run for their money. It looks like a great device, but I find the heavy Flash-push a little annoying… Maybe they should … Continue reading