Monthly Archives: May 2010

When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions Videos

For all you aspiring astronauts out there (or any other space/science-fiction junkie such as m’self) comes a new Discovery Channel video series, When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions Videos. Watch video footage from all stages of the space program, … Continue reading

Hate Crowded Subway Platforms?

Me too! So, after joining a friend in Washington Heights to watch Iron Man 2, this subway platform sure was a welcome (if not strange, and maybe just a wee bit scary) site! The movie was sort of okay, felt … Continue reading

Adobe Makes a Statement About Staying in the HTML Game

With all the negative talk between Adobe and Apple and all the doom-saying about the death of Flash, Adobe made some bold statements at Google I/O regarding their future in the web business and their commitment to HTML5 with the … Continue reading

Testing WP-to-Twitter WordPress Plug-in

Testing WP-to-Twitter plug-in for WordPress. This should automatically post a Bitly-shortenend URL update to my Twitter account. And it looks like it worked pretty well! Atg Top⇪

Huge News! The Google Font API has Arrived!!

Paul Irish brings forth news of the Google Font API! Go to Google’s Getting Started page, check-out their Font Directory, and, if you prefer, take advantage of their WebFont Loader, akin to TypeKit‘s service! And be sure to play with … Continue reading