Monthly Archives: May 2010

When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions Videos

For all you aspiring astronauts out there (or any other space/science-fiction junkie such as m’self) comes a new Discovery Channel video series, When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions Videos. Watch video footage from all stages of the space program, … Continue reading

Hate Crowded Subway Platforms?

Me too! So, after joining a friend in Washington Heights to watch Iron Man 2, this subway platform sure was a welcome (if not strange, and maybe just a wee bit scary) site! The movie was sort of okay, felt … Continue reading

Adobe Makes a Statement About Staying in the HTML Game

With all the negative talk between Adobe and Apple and all the doom-saying about the death of Flash, Adobe made some bold statements at Google I/O regarding their future in the web business and their commitment to HTML5 with the … Continue reading

Testing WP-to-Twitter WordPress Plug-in

Testing WP-to-Twitter plug-in for WordPress. This should automatically post a Bitly-shortenend URL update to my Twitter account. And it looks like it worked pretty well! Atg Top⇪

Huge News! The Google Font API has Arrived!!

Paul Irish brings forth news of the Google Font API! Go to Google’s Getting Started page, check-out their Font Directory, and, if you prefer, take advantage of their WebFont Loader, akin to TypeKit‘s service! And be sure to play with … Continue reading

Global Warming, Coming to Continent Near You

Care at all about what’s going on with our planet?  I just watched an interesting, if not completely and thoroughly depressing, Charlie Rose interview with Bill McKibben, author of many, many books about the environment, including Eaarth. Bill had much … Continue reading

How to Speed Up Your PC

At home I work on a 6+ year-old Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop. Yeah, I know, but that’s how it is. Recently, the old bugger has been creeping to a near standstill. I used to laugh when my mother told me … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

With all the hubba-baloo circling between Steve Jobs and Adobe, here is an interesting take on the situation, and prediction of the world in which we will soon live and work.  Thanks for the forward, Dan. I’ve written before about … Continue reading

The Zen of Coding HTML

A new SitePoint article, How to Code Like a Zen Master, gives a quick run-though of a new IDE plug-in, Zen Coding, that lets developers type CSS-like code, click a button, and get beautiful HTML… Give a quick read through … Continue reading