Global Warming, Coming to Continent Near You

Care at all about what’s going on with our planet?  I just watched an interesting, if not completely and thoroughly depressing, Charlie Rose interview with Bill McKibben, author of many, many books about the environment, including Eaarth.

Bill had much to say, much of it not entirely new to those that have open eyes, and are willing to think, but one of the things I am always stumped with when I watch such interviews, is “so what, what’s going to come from this, who is going to do something about this?”  Bill and a few friends have created an answer to this quandry.  It’s called (“350 parts per million is what many scientists, climate experts, and progressive national governments are now saying is the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere.” We are currently at about 390ppm…)

And, in 2009, organized a global day of climate action with over 5200 actions in 181 countries. Something CNN called “the most widespread day of political action in the planet’s history.” I was shocked that this could happen and I have never even heard of this them…

I wanted to do whatever I could to avoid anyone else having this feeling, and whatever I could do to help spread their message…

Have a look and try to think of something you can do…

Happy thinking,

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