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With all the hubba-baloo circling between Steve Jobs and Adobe, here is an interesting take on the situation, and prediction of the world in which we will soon live and work.  Thanks for the forward, Dan.

I’ve written before about Dave Artz‘s jQuery Performance Rules, well now Corey Hart (I don’t think it’s the same guy that wore his sunglasses at night) offers 8 jQuery Micro Optimization Tips. Corey is quick to note that these are not “rewrite everything you’ve ever coded” tips, but should be considered “be careful what you’re doing form here on” tips…

And speaking of jQuery, some interesting findings on .show()/.hide() performance from Learning jQuery…  The fasted result is indeed an interesting approach…

For you @font-face freaks out there, Paul Irish, author of the bulletproof @font-face syntax, has been kind enough to offer a few of his gotchas.  Useful stuff!

I’m not normally one to get too excited about “upcoming features” because those things tend to change…  Instead, I typically wait until something comes out, then have a go-through to see what is new and improved (or old and disappointing…).  If, however, you are one of those “what’s next” kind of people, meet Firefox 4.

That said, how about another preview of IE9?  They’re still promising great things… they had better not be messing with us…

It’s funny, just the other day at lunch I was just talking with a friend about how cool it would be to have touch-like transitions on a website.  We talked about trying to hack together something like jQTouch, but now I see an Ajaxian article about TouchScroll, a new JS library that should do just that!  Now, I get that we are at a very exciting time in web development, where new features are appearing so quickly that some browsers are being left in a massive cloud of dust, but what is with web developers that can’t build a site that at least doesn’t self-destruct in browsers that don’t have the most recent features?  I mean, I’m using Firefox 3.5.3, not something like IE6, but this is what I see when I view the TouchScroll website…  It really is an impressive technology, if you view it in the latest Safari, but they do themselves a real injustice by not putting a little extra energy into at least giving other users a message about why the page looks like this…  Is this really the best we can do now-days?
TouchScroll website in Firexof 3.5.3

And finally, for anyone living in, or just interested in, the Big Apple, a fantastic, photographic glimpse into New York City’s past.  Be sure to keep an eye on the right-rail as your scroll down, some pretty great flashbacks there as well.  Thanks to Zeldman for posting this.

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