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Not sure that I’ve ever encountered an Inspection in Firebug that I felt wasn’t accurate, but Brothercake has an Inspector that he claims is better. Okay.

Debugging and Closures and Modules, oh my! I love to trip across something that has apparently been there “forever” but I had never known about. JavaScript’s debugger is just such a feature. Not a standard, but apparently widely distributed, debugger seems a cool way to program breakpoints into your code. Again, I’m not where this is needed that Firebug doesn’t handle, but okay.

Catch-up with the latest and greatest from jQuery 1.4. I especially like the :has and new bind methods listed under Making jQuery More Programmer-y (I wish SitePoint offered deep-linking to their headers). Thanks, SitePoint!

Ever since we were kids, we’ve all loved riding our bicycles, right? Well now CatEye has brought our childish obsession to the modern world! Not only does the CatEye Commuter keep track of the usual biking stats, but also calculates what a phenomenal human being you are by tracking how much CO2 you are not contributing to the atmosphere… So… go forth… and ride!!

So, as discussed recently, I completely did not foresee all the activity <video> has mustered, but I cannot begin to express how excited I am!  But the big debate thus far has been which video format is going to win the “video wars”…  Will it be Ogg Theora or will it be H.264??  Or, just maybe, might it be VP8?  A little later in the debate, “some company called Google” has open-sourced their video codec acquisition, which promises to provide the quality of H.264, but open-sourced, like Ogg Theora…  Let the games, begin…

So, we’re all on board with HTML5, right? But how does your browser rank when it comes to HTML5?

And speaking of HTML5, for those of you that are fretting at night, sobbing into your pillow for the down-trodden fate of Flash (surely it is dead, right????), out comes Adobe to save you with an announcement that Flash CS5 will export to HTML5 Canvas!  Adobe… right back in the game!

I feel like we can never get enough amazing, completely impractical examples of CSS3, so here is another!

I have recently been on the hype-trip of finding a way to find out if my JS is good, or bad…  But, aside from obvious FF or IE error messages, how do you find errors?  Along comes ExceptionHub, who, after simply linking to their JS file,  is willing to email you of any errors they observe.  They also provide a web-based interface allowing you to track and interact with your errors.  Thanks!

It took me a couple seconds to figure out what the heck comma-first coding was all about, but, even without reading, just try scrolling down the page and I think you’ll get the idea…  Now, I just have to convince myself that this is how I choose to code…  [shudder…]

And finally, if you’re anything like me, you some times get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of news out there… Apparently I’ve been a little busy the last couple weeks, and when I open my Google Reader this morning I had over 350 unread items… Wow, that felt daunting. Unfortunately I was all the way down to 253 before I came across Kirk Citron‘s TED Talk on The Long News… A new perspective can be so refreshing…

Okay,  I think that’s enough of a hodge-podge for this post…

Happy reading,

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