Today’s Readings

Still working my way through the backlog…  But I’m back down to under 250!  :-)

As Cameron says, “Now this is a reading experience only iPad (currently) could deliver.” Be sure to watch the video… Awesome…

Anyone get a little hiccup when they read that the Library of  Congress is planning to archive ALL tweets… as far back as March 2006?  Yikes, that’s a lot of crap on a hard-drive…

And Google is going to let you search those tweets, by date and time

I wonder if they’ll also archive the new ad tweets

For some nifty CSS3, crack open this tumblr theme in your latest Safari or Chrome…

If you’re still thinking about building an iPhone/iPad app using PhoneGap, it appears you now have the “official okay” from Apple!

And you might want to look into a little orientation CSS, while you’re building…

But look out, iPad, cause here’s comes Google’s tablet!  Which will supposedly run on Android, not Chrome OS…  huh.  (Also ran: the HP Slate.)

Anyone with anything interesting they need to announce?  Great idea, even better follow-through…  Nice song, too!

Toys for toys

Great lessons in (business) life that we could all learn from…

Okay, this is just bad-ass…  :-)

And how cool is video of lightning on Saturn??

Now this could make me seriously think about switching to a Mac…  10-hours of battery life??

It’s been some time since I used Dreamweaver (currently preferring Notepad++), but some of the updates in Dreamweaver CS5 (like on-the-fly PHP template editing,  cross-browser testing, and Firebug-like inspection) are intriguing…

A nice new feature for Gmail users (if you’re using Chrome or Firefox, but then who isn’t?): drag-and-drop file attachment… Very, very nice.

Looking for a car from the future?  One that not only doesn’t emit carbon, but is actually carbon-negative?  Then check out the Chinese Leaf concept car.  But be sure to stay out of the way of it’s laser generator…

Ever been in one web-based email client, but needed an address that was in another?  Or wished you had someone’s Twitter name when you were in Facebook?  Well, the good folks at Mozilla may have just the answer with their Contacts add-on for FirefoxVersion 0.2 has just been released!  (What would be really handy is if they could connect with my Yahoo! Mail, since that is my main contact list…)

Skype on your iPhone?  How awesome would that be??  Now if you could just connect using the actual phone (3G) instead of having to rely on wi-fi…  Of course, Verizon already did this with some Androids and Blackberries, but that is never going to be as cool…

Finally, a cooler-looking unicycle, and without all that damned pedaling!!  (Stick around long enough for the sideways motion, that’s slick!)

A tech-savvy editorial staff, eh?  Hmm…

And that takes me to 0!!!!  :-)

Happy reading,

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