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Life Just Got a LOT More Interesting…

I could not possibly have ordered my Verizon iPhone any earlier, and now it is here… Good-bye olde Crackberry, you’ve served gallantly, rest peacefully… Top⇪

Today’s Readings

Still working my way through the backlog…  But I’m back down to under 250!  :-) As Cameron says, “Now this is a reading experience only iPad (currently) could deliver.” Be sure to watch the video… Awesome… Anyone get a little … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Happy President’s Day everyone!  Another random sampling of all things web… Google Maps just got out-Googled…  Of all people, Microsoft, created an amazing “augmented-reality mapping technology“.  A lame name, even by Microsoft standards, but a truly impressive technology.  As the … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Once again, Apple has very simply made a product that is exactly as it should be: http://www.apple.com/iphone/iphone-3gs/accessibility.html#video A really, really good tutorial for HTML5, using a blog as a working example. Qué apropo, no? http://edward.oconnor.cx/2009/09/using-the-html5-sectioning-elements and it would seem that … Continue reading

iPhone Application Development Training & iTunes University

Anyone interested in building iPhone apps, but can’t quite manage to dig in? Well, crack open your iTunes, go to the store, and look for iTunes U (you can also get there directly, but it took a while to load … Continue reading