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Centered Horizontal Tabs with Just CSS

Yes, it’s an old article, but one I think well-worth revisiting! How do you center a UL, when you would normally float your LIs? Well, Ethan Marcotte has written an article for 24 Ways that covers the basics and … Continue reading

Make Firefox Open with Multiple, Preset Homepages

Did you know you can make FF start with multiple preset tabs?  For instance, I like my FF to open with the first tab as my Yahoo! Mail, the second tab as my Gmail, and the third to as my … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

From the man himself, Mr. Jeremy Keith, comes a pretty cool collection of links and things… I’m not sure I fully understand this, neither how it works nor what one would use it for, but, hey, it’s a mash-up, … Continue reading

jQuery Performance Rules, per Dave Artz

The man, the myth, the legend, Dave Artz, lends his expertise to fine-tuning jQuery. I can’t tell you how much this changed my way of coding… Read, memorize, apply, repeat. Thanks to Ron Harris for sharing this! Happy coding, Atg … Continue reading

The Best Firefox Add-ons (or at least a list of my favorites…)

Nearly any Firefox (FF) user knows that you can “add-on” stuff that doesn’t come innately with a FF download and install.  If you don’t, you should; try going here: Now, on my first encounter with this page, I looked … Continue reading

And Now for Something Completely Different…

This is just simply freaking awesome…  what a fantastic perspective on life… And for other viewpoint-altering shots of life… Happy mind-bending, Atg Top⇪

How to Code HTML Newsletter Emails

Never fun, always a pain, and something that just won’t go away… Clients always want Newsletters that they can send via email.  They want their brand correctly represented.  And they want it to look good in “everybody’s email”…  Ugh… In … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Anyone with a few extra days on their hands… Alex: Did you write this one?? Josh: This one’s for you! A brief, painful, but useful lesson in life: Happy reading, Atg Top⇪

Today’s Readings

Almost like it’s Christmas, a plethora of tutorials! Happy holidays, Atg Top⇪

iPhone Application Development Training & iTunes University

Anyone interested in building iPhone apps, but can’t quite manage to dig in? Well, crack open your iTunes, go to the store, and look for iTunes U (you can also get there directly, but it took a while to load … Continue reading