Monthly Archives: May 2009

Centered Horizontal Tabs with Just CSS

Yes, it’s an old article, but one I think well-worth revisiting! How do you center a UL, when you would normally float your LIs? Well, Ethan Marcotte has written an article for 24 Ways that covers the basics and … Continue reading

Make Firefox Open with Multiple, Preset Homepages

Did you know you can make FF start with multiple preset tabs?  For instance, I like my FF to open with the first tab as my Yahoo! Mail, the second tab as my Gmail, and the third to as my … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

From the man himself, Mr. Jeremy Keith, comes a pretty cool collection of links and things… I’m not sure I fully understand this, neither how it works nor what one would use it for, but, hey, it’s a mash-up, … Continue reading

jQuery Performance Rules, per Dave Artz

The man, the myth, the legend, Dave Artz, lends his expertise to fine-tuning jQuery. I can’t tell you how much this changed my way of coding… Read, memorize, apply, repeat. Thanks to Ron Harris for sharing this! Happy coding, Atg … Continue reading

The Best Firefox Add-ons (or at least a list of my favorites…)

Nearly any Firefox (FF) user knows that you can “add-on” stuff that doesn’t come innately with a FF download and install.  If you don’t, you should; try going here: Now, on my first encounter with this page, I looked … Continue reading