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And Now for Something Completely Different…

This is just simply freaking awesome…  what a fantastic perspective on life… http://www.simonhoegsberg.com/we_are_all_gonna_die/slider.html And for other viewpoint-altering shots of life… http://www.simonhoegsberg.com/ Happy mind-bending, Atg http://www.simonhoegsberg.com/we_are_all_gonna_die/slider.html Top⇪

How to Code HTML Newsletter Emails

Never fun, always a pain, and something that just won’t go away… Clients always want Newsletters that they can send via email.  They want their brand correctly represented.  And they want it to look good in “everybody’s email”…  Ugh… In … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Anyone with a few extra days on their hands… http://bestwebdesignschools.com/2009/usabilityedu-25-incredibly-useful-usability-cheat-sheets-checklists/ Alex: Did you write this one?? http://bestwebdesignschools.com/2009/25-essential-freeware-apps-for-web-designers/ Josh: This one’s for you! http://www.businessinsider.com/henry-blodget-check-out-all-the-cool-new-stuff-the-new-york-times-is-working-on-to-save-itself-2009-5 A brief, painful, but useful lesson in life: http://www.adaptivepath.com/blog/2009/05/15/less-is-more/ Happy reading, Atg Top⇪