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Today’s Readings

In the world of insta-Tweet news flying around, I consider myself somewhat of a dinosaur for still reading RSS feeds, and sheepishly admit that I still read… email newsletters… Any of you kids out there remember those? Well, in truth, … Continue reading

Firebug 1.5 is Out. Download it NOW!

It is rare, I think, to find a new version of software so amazingly different that you want to shout about it, let alone a browser add-on! But Firebug 1.5 is the exception to the rule! Download it and restart … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

For you designy-types out there, the Vintage Ad Browser is pretty fun to scroll through.  The About page claims they are all real ads from days gone by, so, I guess they are… Also quite entertaining is the Cover Browser…  … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Is everyone ready for yet another browser?  Well, at least this one is backed by Marc Andreessen, so, who knows, it might just be good! The latest from Mr. Resig (jQuery author), pretty cool graphically, but really only useful (I … Continue reading

Tips from The CSS Anthology from SitePoint

In keeping with a long-held belief that you can learn something from anyone if you pay close-enough attention, I submit the following… I recently downloaded the sample chapters for SitePoint‘s CSS Anthology and, granted, it took me until page 78, … Continue reading

The Best Firefox Add-ons (or at least a list of my favorites…)

Nearly any Firefox (FF) user knows that you can “add-on” stuff that doesn’t come innately with a FF download and install.  If you don’t, you should; try going here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/ Now, on my first encounter with this page, I looked … Continue reading

Xmarks for Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome

For anyone who is as in love with the Firebug add-on called Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) as I am, did you know they also have versions for IE, Safari, and Chrome? I have to admit I’ve not yet installed this myself … Continue reading