Monthly Archives: January 2010

Velocity 09: “High Performance Search at Google”

Yes, I know this was a while ago, but I finally made the time to listen through this entire presentation: Kyle Scholz and Yaron Friedman are front-end developers for Google Search, focused on one thing: Make Google Search faster.  … Continue reading

Introducing the New & Improved

Since the day I launched this blog, I basically stopped thinking about my name-sake page,  I converted it to a portal page, just linking out to the various locations you can find information about me on the web, and … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Think you know JavaScript?  Well try giving Dmitry Baranovskiy‘s #jsquizz a shot (I can’t seem to find #jsquizz on Twitter, and unfortunately the actual post is experiencing some technical difficulties right now, but hopefully he’ll have things resolved soon, maybe … Continue reading

Google: Still Building a Better Search Engine

How many of you are like me when it comes to searching for something on Google?  I type in a phrase, maybe make one or two adjustments to my search phrase if needed, before giving up and trying something desperate … Continue reading

Simultaneously Run Multiple Versions of REAL Internet Explorer, WITH Developer Toolbars!

Have I got the perfect New Year’s gift for all of you… Okay, a show of hands: Who uses stand-alone versions of IE? Okay, not bad, but how often do you say to yourself “I wonder if this looks like … Continue reading