Monthly Archives: January 2010

Velocity 09: “High Performance Search at Google”

Yes, I know this was a while ago, but I finally made the time to listen through this entire presentation: Kyle Scholz and Yaron Friedman are front-end developers for Google Search, focused on one thing: Make Google Search faster.  … Continue reading

Introducing the New & Improved

Since the day I launched this blog, I basically stopped thinking about my name-sake page,  I converted it to a portal page, just linking out to the various locations you can find information about me on the web, and … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Think you know JavaScript?  Well try giving Dmitry Baranovskiy‘s #jsquizz a shot (I can’t seem to find #jsquizz on Twitter, and unfortunately the actual post is experiencing some technical difficulties right now, but hopefully he’ll have things resolved soon, maybe … Continue reading

Google: Still Building a Better Search Engine

How many of you are like me when it comes to searching for something on Google?  I type in a phrase, maybe make one or two adjustments to my search phrase if needed, before giving up and trying something desperate … Continue reading

Simultaneously Run Multiple Versions of REAL Internet Explorer, WITH Developer Toolbars!

Have I got the perfect New Year’s gift for all of you… Okay, a show of hands: Who uses stand-alone versions of IE? Okay, not bad, but how often do you say to yourself “I wonder if this looks like … Continue reading

Firebug 1.5 is Out. Download it NOW!

It is rare, I think, to find a new version of software so amazingly different that you want to shout about it, let alone a browser add-on! But Firebug 1.5 is the exception to the rule! Download it and restart … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

A light load today, because the subjects are heavy.  Ok, well, sort of… Helium Ever taken over a site/project and wondered how much of that CSS is really necessary?  You don’t want to just start deleting stuff, cause you never … Continue reading

jQuery 1.4 Released into the Wild!

Well, as mentioned earlier, jQuery 1.4 is now open to the public, ready for download, use, and commenting…  :-) And with this new release also comes a brand new API site, “[e]very single method has been rewritten from the bottom-up … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

In the far, far distant future, like maybe by the year 2010, apparently watches will be able to tell their owners when the next bus will arrive…  Delusional crazy-talk, if you ask me… New offering from the lads at ClearLeft, … Continue reading

Google to Walk Out of China?

In a major change of heart, Google plans to stop filtering their search results in China, and may stop supporting the world’s most populous country altogether!! What a huge move for Google, both morally and financially! How will this affect … Continue reading