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In the far, far distant future, like maybe by the year 2010, apparently watches will be able to tell their owners when the next bus will arrive…  Delusional crazy-talk, if you ask me…

New offering from the lads at ClearLeft, Workshops for the Web, a series of 1-day workshops on web-related topics.  Have to say, with the title, I had hoped they would be web-hosted workshops, but alas, they all require physical travel…  For a nice bit of geek-fun, however, take a peek under the hood at Jeremy‘s programming; quite nice, HTML5, Microformats, @font-face, and all you would have expected from the man from Brighton…

Seems Flash-less Flashy stuff is a new trend, one based on the Raphaël JS library, the other on Gordon… Impressive lads, that’s for sure!

Google Docs: It’s not just for creating files any more!  Now you can upload any type of file (250MB limit) and use Google Docs as your web-based repository!  Additionally, you can upload multiple files at once, share files by creating groups, and, with their Premier service, you can even synch online files with your desktop!  This doesn’t replace versioning tools such as CVS or SVN, but it is a great way to store and share files online!

Factoid time: Anyone know where the name Mozilla comes from?
(Answer at bottom of this post)

Okay, everybody already agrees that YQL is destined to be looked-back upon as the biggest thing to hit the web since, probably Ajax, right??  Well, Mr. YQL himself, Chris Heilmann, has just taken it up a notch… BAM!  Use YQL to make cross-domain Ajax calls…  How you like them apples??

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Factoid answer: It is short for “Mosaic Killer”, which, according to Nicholas C. Zakas, is what Netscape envisioned their browser to be…

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