Tips from The CSS Anthology from SitePoint

In keeping with a long-held belief that you can learn something from anyone if you pay close-enough attention, I submit the following…

I recently downloaded the sample chapters for SitePoint‘s CSS Anthology and, granted, it took me until page 78, but indeed I found something I did not know!

Has anyone ever checked their site in a text-only browser?  I know, everyone knows about the Lynx browser, but did you know that there is a web-based version of Lynx?

Or that there is an installer for Windows?

Or how about a version for Mac-ites too?

And what about screen readers?  Who wants to pay for JAWS just to test a site?  What if you could just install a FF extension instead?

Finally, the book’s chapter on Accessibility is certainly worth reading (including the nifty CSS switcher function) starting on page 81.

Happy reading,

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