Monthly Archives: June 2009

Tips and Toys for Gmail

Gmail Notifier will tell you you get a new email, and it comes in two flavors! There are also a TON of cool Gmail toys to choose from and play with! My personal faves (which I am still checking out) … Continue reading

Notes from Jesse James Garrett Talk

Had the pleasure of attending a very intimate presentation and discussion with Jesse James Garret and Tamara Wayland of span class=”vcard”>Adaptive Path, so I thought I’d share a few notes I took… I like that part of AP’s mission statement … Continue reading

Website Performance Tips from Google

From the lads and lassies at Google come tips and guidelines on improving page speed. Well worth scanning trough! Happy testing, and thanks for the referral, Dan, Atg Top⇪

Are your Firefox passwords protected?

Do you click that handy “Remember” button every time you enter a username and password into a site in Firefox so it will miraculously be waiting for you next time? Did you know that Firefox does NOT automatically protect that … Continue reading

Tips from The CSS Anthology from SitePoint

In keeping with a long-held belief that you can learn something from anyone if you pay close-enough attention, I submit the following… I recently downloaded the sample chapters for SitePoint‘s CSS Anthology and, granted, it took me until page 78, … Continue reading

More Firefox Tips…

Have you ever noticed that when you are typing a previously visited URL in IE, the address bar automatically fills-in the “next step” of the URL? Meaning, if you previously visited the NY Times article and started typing the … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Most of us probably have a template we use to start new HTML docs, but I thought Accesssify‘s MarkupMaker was a clever idea, and quite well implemented! * The anal-retentive in me couldn’t pass-up suggesting he add rel=”stylesheet” to the … Continue reading

A Couple More Firefox Tips…

Did you know… …you can highlight a word or phrase on a webpage then right-click the highlighted word or phrase to get a context menu with two useful options: Search Google for [highlighted word or phrase] – this performs a … Continue reading